Melissa W.
OPEX Healdsburg client

Melissa W.

To say that OPEX Healdsburg has changed my life would not be an exaggeration. I started the individual-programming in June after realizing that I had not been making progress or maintaining consistency in my workouts the months prior. I made many attempts to get back in shape after four years away at college, and finally admitted to myself that walking around the gym and doing things when and how I wanted wasn't helping me.

Since starting OPEX, I have increased my overall strength and cardio, and have been meeting my fitness goals exponentially quicker. The coaches at OPEX Healdsburg have done an incredible job pushing me beyond my perceived limits, and have done so while making sure I maintain proper form and avoid injury. Since starting with them, I have run my first half marathon, been lifting heavier weights on a daily basis and finally achieved my ten-year-old goal of completing a pull-up!

During my monthly consultations, my coach has worked with me to monitor both my diet and mental/emotional health. It's incredible how much these elements have contributed to my progress both in and out of the gym. Being strong is the best feeling in the world!

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