Jennifer M.
OPEX Healdsburg client

Jennifer M.

I started going to OPEX Healdsburg in June after dealing with some severe hip pain for 2+ years. My coach at immediately put me on a workout routine strictly focusing on my hips, lower back and toosh- working through scar tissue and extremely tight muscles and gradually making them strong again. What I love about OPEX is just that... focusing on your 'issues' and working through them.

The coaches at OPEX Healdsburg are constantly checking in with you and I appreciate the personal experience that you wouldn't necessarily get at other gyms.

Do I recommend OPEX? YES YES and YES. And I can honestly say that after 5 months of doing my individualized workout program, I have little to no pain in my hips. I feel stronger. And I can't wait to keep going! Very thankful for OPEX Healdsburg!

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