Chris Daly

Chris Daly

Chris was born and raised in Boston, Mass. Chris grew up playing sports and had the opportunity to play Lacrosse in College. During and after college, Chris focused mainly on skiing, golfing  and mountain biking in Colorado before moving back to the Boston to start a career in fitness. After years of personal training and coaching at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Chris transitioned into being a full time CrossFit Instructor. Eventually becoming the head programmer at Reebok CrossFit Back Bay and then Invictus Boston. Chris's journey with OPEX (OPT) and Individual Design started in 2012, first as a client and then enrolling in the OPEX Coaching Certification Program. Chris's passion for wanting to help individuals with their own health and fitness journey lead him to OPEX Healdsburg. The one-on-one attention that he is able to provide for his clients brings him great fulfillment as a Coach. Chris's current training consists of trail running, functional bodybuilding and a mixed modal fitness programming.

OPEX CCP – On Journey

NASM – Certified Personal Trainer

NASM – Corrective Exercise Specialist

NASM – Sports Performance

CrossFit – Level 2

CrossFit - Strongman

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