How to Win at Long-Term Fitness
30 Apr

How to Win at Long-Term Fitness

Long term fitness success means aligning your actions today with results that may not manifest for years to come.

It can be tricky to have this long-term mindset when there are so many distractions and instantly gratifying options that pop into your life on a daily basis. To help you play the fitness long game we compiled this list of five keys to success.

  1. Make sure your workouts are tailored to you

When you know that your workouts are personalized for your unique starting point and goals it is so much easier to stay compliant. This is because it’s connected to your sense of purpose. You know that what you are doing is exactly what you need and is the most effective and efficient path to your goals.

  1. Match your fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle

To achieve long-term success it’s important to make sure that all of your inputs are aligned. You need a lifestyle that supports your fitness. If you sleep poorly, have too much stress, don’t have a well organized schedule, and don’t plan healthy meals ready, then you’ll find it impossible to stay compliant when work gets a little extra hectic or your kids get sick. On the other hand, if you have a lifestyle that supports fitness it will be much easier to stay on track even when things hit the fan. 

  1. Train in a community

Humans are social creatures and we love to be a part of a tribe. Finding a gym that can offer this support system is incredibly beneficial to long-term compliance and success. The perfect gym will give you a balance of personalized fitness programming with a community environment, so that you do what’s best for you and enjoy connection while you do it.

  1. Enjoy what you do

Not every single gym session will be full of laughs and smiles, and some days are harder than others. But if you absolutely hate your workouts then there is no way you’re going to stay consistent. Whether it’s lifting weights, swimming, yoga, or circuit training, make sure that you get some satisfaction and enjoyment from the activity, even if it’s just in knowing how it helps you do the things you love outside of the gym.

  1. Set regular goals

Staying connected to what “winning” at long-term fitness means with regular goal setting is an essential part of the process. It’s why each client has a monthly consultation, so they can sit down with their coach and evaluate the big picture plan. Fitness changes can take time to see, but if you check in on progress monthly it will be easier to see the small steps you’ve been making towards your goals that might otherwise go unnoticed.

At OPEX Healdsburg we are in it for the long-term wins. We know how to help you stay patient and remain compliant so that you can benefit from the life-altering power of consistency in fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle.

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